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Rated 3 / 5 stars

now what the bloody hell

i laughed my ass off when watching that one
it was just totally fucked up and hilarious
what was up with the wrong sub titles
i mean he screams Dad and then it reads Miguel and other stuff
this was just trippy and i laughed it
especially the part where they are putting the meat into the ghosts anus

The Ultimate Orgy The Ultimate Orgy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This movie makes little NG kids cry-and thats good

I am still barfing up ROFLS out of my nose. This is way better than the Ultimate Showdown. It's also a great spoof of Alt+F4 since Lowtax is doing Eric Bauman in this flash. And IF this flash wasn't funny enough you should just read the comments it got
" That was odd and not welcome, simplely too much gay. At least add in some girls try at least to reach the target audence; which at newgrounds is 85% guys, Straight guys"
i already really loved it when people got offended by marc m.'s gay humor. wtf is this guy talking about? the NG sex studies or what lol BTW there ARE girls at the end so everybody should be happy haha

NotSafeForWork responds:

Yeah. But the homophobic or prudish pussies who stop watching too early miss out. Heh heh heh. Their stupid loss! :D

Duck Luck Episode #1 Duck Luck Episode #1

Rated 2 / 5 stars

nice work-keep on with it

i think that you have got potential. You should just keep on working with the series and working with flash and I am sure it will better. So far I can see that you have got potential but it isn’t something that will make the ladies scream if you know what I mean (hey that actually rhymed). I liked the way the camera panned and zoomed in and out when they were both talking. You know duck was on the coach and the boy was left to him and it was some nice switching between both characters during the conversation. VERY pleasant for the eye and shows you have got some good knowledge of flash. Talking about the skills the animations and graphics did the job and you are already on the right way. For example you are doing frame by frame animation and not some “lazy” tweening so you get two thumbs up from me.
I wasn’t satisfied with the burning house. It should have been way more EXTREME. There was only some “baby fire” coming out of the windows but nothing that looked like their house was really just getting destroyed. About the humour: it could have really funnier. I mean it always can be funnier but your stuff only made me smile and didn’t give me the big LOL. I have to admit I got surprised when duck spit at the landlord because I thought he was actually going to say “FUCK YOU!” but in the end the difference wasn’t too big. So you have got the technical skills for producing a good series. Now you just need some comedy skills. Go out, sit under a tree and write down stuff that you think is hilarious. Good luck on it and you can always PM me on Newgrounds :)

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Snubby responds:

Thanks for all of the words but I really don't think I deserve a 4. I spent like 200 hours on this...


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Trick Witchery Trick Witchery

Rated 3 / 5 stars


this is cool and fun and i like the whole flying around going up and down deal but i am not too happy about the music. but hey you are a programmer so i cant really blame you on that one.

Peturo responds:

ah thanks yeah music is a big part of games, i took a while looking for a suitable music loop but then in the end i thought this track just matched the colours but not really the style of game. The artist is Crud